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Assembling a Running Group

Dr. Susan Turner

Dr. Susan Turner, a private practice psychiatrist, likes to use a holistic approach that integrates exercise, diet, and other lifestyle changes into patient care, combined with supportive therapy and traditional biological therapies. Outside of the office, Dr. Susan Turner has enjoyed running since she was a young child, and now regularly runs distances of 2 to 6 miles at a time.

If you find the thought of running boring, one of the easiest ways to remedy this is to assemble your own running group. Aside from providing company, your running partners can help you stay focused on any running goals you may have.

When assembling your running group, aim for at least three additional runners. With that many people, you will not be left running by yourself should one or two people miss the run that day.
When planning runs, consider rotating team “captains” to break up the responsibility and give all group members the opportunity to organize runs. Aside from creating the route, the captain serves as the leader for that week, guiding the group through the route.
For the sake of consistency, considering making the run a weekly event at a set time. With a set schedule, every group member knows exactly when the run will be and can either work it into their schedule or let the captain know they will not be able to make it that week.

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