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An Overview of the Operations of Doctors Without Borders

Previously the assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia Medical School, psychiatrist Dr. Susan Turner currently operates a private practice full time. A member of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Susan Turner supports charities like Doctors Without Borders.

Established in 1971 as Médecins Sans Frontières by a group of French doctors and humanitarians, the organization is dedicated to providing neutral medical aid to populations in need throughout the world, regardless of whether the need is the result of manmade action or natural disasters. Known in English as Doctors Without Borders, the organization has 24 associations across the globe and opened its US office in 1990. To help as many people as possible, the organization has projects in more than 60 countries each year.

One ongoing project is focused on addressing the Syrian humanitarian crisis. Although the organization does not have formal governmental approval to operate in the country, it has a 23 health facilities and ad hoc hospitals in houses and other buildings to treat people injured by the conflict between the government and opposition groups. Additionally, Doctors Without Borders maintains assistance sites in neighboring countries to help refugees fleeing the conflict.


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